Friday, September 30, 2011

Landscape studies

I did a couple quick studies from the photos I posted the other day. They're a bit sketchy, but you can get an idea of the sort of work we'll be trying to do on Saturday. Here's to hoping for sun! =)

I'm still working on painting a mural on our hallway's wall. I'll post a picture of that as soon as I can - it's sort of hard to photograph. There are no good angles. I may have to just photograph sections at a time and post a few photos? Anyhow, I got the initial sketch done and mom painting the white under painting (her brush strokes are perfect for this mural!). I'm going to go get some paints to do the color now. I'm pretty excited that this turned into a collaboration work between me and my mom. =)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watercoloring Outside on Saturday

Here's some info on a class I'm teaching this Saturday over at wingdoodle! (Weather report says sun!)

Outdoors Watercolor 
Bring your paints, brushes and paper to the outdoors. We’re going down to the covered bridge, and maybe the park, to capture some real autumn colors. There’s nothing like painting outside, but bring a light jacket in case fall has already gotten chilly! I’ll be teaching more color mixing and brush manipulation while we’re out there.
Date: Saturday, October 1st, 12-3pm
Rain Date: TBA if needed.
Fee: $25.00
Supplies You'll Need: Brushes (one round, one flat), Water Jar with closeable lid, Paper Towels, Paints (Tube or Well style, whatever you have), Mixing Trays, Old Toothbrush, Watercolor paper.

Bring a small folding stool or blanket to sit on if you don't want to sit on the ground or a rock =)

Call Wingdoodle at 456-3515 or e-mail to sign up!

Some inspiration!
Photo: ©Paul Van House

Photo ©Debbie LaValley

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Website is live - and kicking.

I've finally finished updating my webpage over at! Although you're never truly done updating a webpage.. I'll always have little tweaks to make. But now it's how I want it to look for the most part so the hard and tedious task is finally over! Go on and take a look, the portfolio page is up as well. No more "coming soon" pages. =)

Anyone recognize that background? Yup, it's one of my watercolor experiments. I think it turned out perfectly.