Friday, October 14, 2011

CZT 7 - Day 2!

Ack! Day two never got uploaded after the RI tangle search. D=

These two Zentangles® were done at the seminar, the star is my 7-pointed start for this having been the 7th CZT training. The tile on the right is the first tile we did at the seminar during the intro class. =)

The second day of the certification seminar was as awesome as the first. We did lots of Zentangles and got to see what tangles a few of the others had found around RI. (or at home) I met a lot of pretty awesome ladies both days. I was surrounded by talent and creativity all day because of them!

There was some excitement when we spotted a mouse, but the little thing was just terrified of us. It was just a tiny brown thing.

We all tangled a section of a large Zentangle piece while we were there and they gave that away the second day. Everyone was to guess how many 20-sided dice were in a candy jar... I was 6 numbers off! It came down to me and one other lady and she got it. I was bummed but it's good for her. I'm just amazed I was soooo close! If I hadn't rounded I would have been exactly correct. (darn it right?)

Oh well, the seminar was great and now I am all certified and ready to teach Zentangle! We also got CZT badges. This is mine:

My CZT Badge

Don't worry, I'll post some watercolor progress work soon. =)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CZT 7 - RI Tangle search

Here's my "waterfire" tile inspired by the sconces along the river. We were asked to go find a new tangle around Providence and I thought I'd use the carpet pattern. I ended up using these sconces make a sort of half circle pattern with a grid behind it. I'll call it RIFS. (Rhode Island Fire Sconce)

I did this pattern as sconces with water coming out the top for an example. I should do another with it used more abstractly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CZT 7 - Day 1!

So it turns out that training to teach Zentangle® is sooo much fun. I wasn't really expecting it to be arduous or boring, but it has surpassed my expectations of inspiration. I am so pumped up and raring to go! In our first day we have drawn and tangled so many tiles and even our bags, shirts and name tags! I can't wait for what tomorrow brings.. but until then here are a few photos I can share with you. =)

Me and Terry found this huge mural on a building a couple blocks over. It was designed by Shepard Fairey but put up by someone else. Shepard went to RISD here in Rhode Island so it's not a big surprise that he's got some wall space. =) And.. I don't know that you can see it real well in this picture but try to see how the entire wardrobe leans forward... When you open the doors the TV rolls right out at you and it feels like the whole thing will topple down on you! A lot of things are a little bit slanted here at the hotel.

I'm sure everyone's noticed our hallway floor by now, but it's a lovely little pattern. You can make the flowers however you like. I was able to re-create it pretty simply by making a grid of the flowers and then running "s" shapes between them. Perhaps I will try to use it in the workshops tomorrow.. Or perhaps on my bag!
And one last thing is the bag! We were each given a canvas bag with all sorts of goodies inside and then this evening they showed us some good pens (Sakura IDenti Pen - actually worked real well!) to decorate our new accessories. Maria was awesome and sat for a while lettering our initials on our bags. The K you see is hers. I added the border lines and leaves. I still have more to add but I'm taking it slow. I think I will tackle the sides next. Maybe I can post an up close picture later on when it's finished so you can see the grey shading on it too. =)

Happy Tangling!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Warner Fall Foliage Festival

I'm out at the Fall Foliage Festival in Warner today! OOTS has a booth between Wingdoodle and Charlie Macs and you can find some of my prints there. We're also selling buttons and giving out Apple Cider!

The Weather is beautiful so if you're nearby, stop in Warner NH!